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  1. How to contact us?

  2. Do I have to sign up to get coupons?

  3. What Are "Exclusive" Coupons?

  4. How can save me money on online purchases?

  5. What am I looking at after I've selected a category from the left?

  6. How do I know if a coupon has worked?

  7. What should I do if the coupon does not work?

  8. What Type of features do you plan to add to your website?

  9. How Can I Suggest A Feature I Would Like To See Added To Your Site?

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    • NO, we do not require our users to sign up nor do we even have a way for you to.
      We do however ask that if you like our site for you to please bookmark it by hitting control+d or putting us in your favorites and comming back whenever you need to save money online


    • Every day we recieve coupons from merchants through exclusive affiliate agreements that we are allowed to offer our customers. We sort all the coupons we recieve and choose the ones that will save you the most money.

      These are our Exclusive Coupons provided to you at no cost!


    • By offering the most up-to-date coupons. We can almost always offer Free Shipping from most of our merchants. Free Shipping is a great coupon to have and can save a consumer anywhere from $10 to $200.
    • We are also able to offer you coupons that take anywhere from 10-50% off your entire purchase through private affiliate agreements that we have with these merchants.


    • After you click on one of the categories on the left, you are taken to a "results" page. The results page lists, in short form, all of the businesses that provide a product or service within that specific category.


    • You should see a discount in your shopping cart once a coupon has been successfully applied to your purchase.

      We occasionally list coupons from merchants, like CatalogCity or Sharper Image, that explicitly tell you during the checkout process that your credit card will be billed for the full amount, but that they will rebate your credit card within 30 days.


    • There may be a number of reasons why a coupon does not work. Because merchants can, and do, change their coupons and promotions frequently, make sure you see the discount in your shopping basket before you make your order final. If the shopping basket does not show a discount, it can mean that either:
      • The coupon code has not been properly entered. Enter the code once more.
      • The restrictions for the coupon code have not been met. Check the fine print to make sure your purchase meets the requirements ( if any) to use the coupon code.
      • The coupon has been withdrawn by the merchant or is no longer valid. Some merchants do not indicate how long their coupon codes are valid for, so if the code does not work, it is safe to assume that the coupon code is no longer valid.
      • The merchant website is not functioning properly.
      • If you try all of the above, and the coupon still does not work, please contact us through our email.


    • Currently, as time permits we plan to add several features such as:
      • A Drop-down Menu to allow users to select coupons by Merchant.
      • A Feature to search for coupons by Merhant.
      • Individual Retailer pages to provide all the latest coupons available.


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